New Baltimore investors looking to connect with local community

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My wife and I are new to RE investing but have lived in Baltimore for several years. We recently plugged into the BP community and have been reading books to educate ourselves in the business. We haven't had a chance to plug into the REIA group yet and, in lieu of that, we were hoping to reach out to the BP community for professional connections.

Our goal is to start putting our "team" together and would like to get in touch with an investment-minded realtor to start. In addition, we would also be interested in potentially partnering with a seasoned investor by providing the legwork on a rental.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to talking with you.

@Justin Park welcome to BP. 

We haven't had a chance to plug into the REIA group yet

There are lots of groups in the Baltimore area, Balt REIA, MAREIA, MDREIA, BWI Meetup, Anne Arundle REI Meetup, The Friday lunch group. Many more you can find on

Thanks @Ned Carey for the additional recommendations. I will be sure to dive in once our vacation schedule slows down. 

Would you recommend the general MDREIA as the best place to start or one more specific to my area?

I appreciate your insight.

@Justin Park each group has it's own feel. Go to several and see which you like best. i don't go to these groups near as often as I used to but at one time or another I have been to all of them.