Hot areas in Philly?!

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SHARSWOOD, I have moved a few duplexes in the area, 

This is pretty much the area between St Joes Prep and Brewerytown. 

Also Germantown, Olney, West Oak Lane

@Joseph Wright

Hey Joseph, keep me in mind for Brewerytown, Sharswood and Germantown. I have development projects in these areas and always looking for more

Currently in the Sharswood/Brewerytown area I have 3 triplexes full renovation, 3 duplexes new construction and in Germantown I have two large multifamily projects in the works

@Bashar Abudahri Welcome to the community! In terms of the hot and upcoming areas, Point Breeze was the hottest thing around 3-5 years ago, brewerytown more recently in the last 2 years. Cobbs Creek is currently a very up and coming area, due to the multiple exit strategies that pocket allows. 

I would agree with @Mayer M. as well in saying Sharswood is an up and coming area as well because your having development from brewerytown and Francisville. Also I would add Olde Kensington to that list as well. If your able to pick something up in that pocket I would 100% do so, as money is bleeding over from fish town and northern liberties into the area and the average house price is on the rise.

Hope this helped, certainly reach out if you have any question!

Dan Powers - Real Estate Agent