San Gabriel Valley Flip

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Hi BP Community,

I'm a new member - been devouring the podcasts, but this is my first time interacting in the forums!

I'm just starting a flip project in San Dimas, in the San Gabriel Valley in beautiful Southern California. I've participated in other people's flips before, but this is the first one I'm taking on as a personal project... super excited, a little bit nervous, learning as much as I can!!!

I just closed on a POS fixer property with TONS of potential, and I'm currently interviewing general contractors. The project is a gorgeous 1911 craftsman that has been completely gutted, and needs new EVERYTHING.

I'd love to start a dialogue here to engage with the BP community on this project.  I'll be happy to share good vendors, tips, cautionary tales, and anything I learn during the process to pay it forward. Look forward to connecting with some like-minded RE folks.

Marc Sinnott

@Marc Sinnott Best of luck with your project. I would like to keep up with it via this thread so thank you for your interest in sharing. I am in the local area and always looking to learn more about the markets outside of LA. Wishing you all the best man. - Ralph
Thanks for your response Jeffrey! After months of making offers on MLS fixers (some of which had up to SIXTY offers!!), door knocking, and sending out direct mailers in my target neighborhoods, I finally bit the bullet and went through a wholesaler. Very happy with the deal I got, although the due diligence process is very truncated.

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Congrats @Marc Sinnott on your flip project in San Dimas! Did you find this property through a wholesaler, direct mail, or the MLS?

@Marc Sinnott Hi Mark, Sounds good, I'm a general contractor living an hour away from there. If you have any questions feel free to ask pricing or anything. I'm currently underway on a remodel down in San Diego for the next 2 1/2 weeks, but I can swing out there to give you a bid also if you'd like. My name is Jon.

Congrat's on closing on your new home!

1911, those are some old bones, I can definitely attest to some of the craziness of a property from that era.  My duplex is from 1908, and as cool as those houses were, they also come with A LOT of tough spots you'll run into on rehab.  

Is this property zoned historic or in a historic district at all?

How is the condition of the foundation?  I'm assuming it's raised and brick?

Are you trying to keep the integrity of the era of the house on the inside? or are you planning on modernizing it?