Looking for someone to partner with in & around metro Atlanta

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I'm a newbie investor who is eager to grow and expand his real estate portfolio. 
I'm looking for someone to partner with who is a bit more experienced and grow together. 

I work full time, but would like to be a full-time investor someday. I am a long-term buy & hold investor, but am interested in flipping and wholesaling as well.  

Let me know if you're interested in the same thing, we can meet up and talk to get to know each other more. 

BTW, I'm looking at a deal right now, and hopefully to get it under contract soon. Just doing my due diligent at the moment. 
We might be able to partner up on this deal, so PM me and let me know. 


@Eric Feng  What parts of town are you most interest you?  What are you trying to get out of the partnership?  What do you want to contribute?  (Rhetorical questions but important).     

I'd suggest networking patiently until you meet some folks you want to take the next step with.  I've made a lot of great friends and partners through BP, but I doubt you can be effective with an open solicitation.  

Hi @Eric Feng , I work as a full-time real estate agent/investor. I was born and raised in Atlanta, so i have an intimate understanding of the landscape. Very interested in partnering, but if not check out the West End/Southwest Atlanta areas(especially for holds). Hope this helps..