Need to Hang NJ Real Estate Salesperson License with a NJ Broker

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Hi BP Community!

     My name is Bill Capper, and I just passed my NJ Real Estate Salesperson license test yesterday!  I'm writing this message because I am looking for recommendations from people about potential brokers to discuss the possibility of hanging my license.  I also am in the process of receiving my PA license.  However; I can not move forward with the PA license test until my license is hanging in NJ.

     I currently have an extremely successful career in fitness, and it is my fulltime profession.  It is a job that allows me to have maneuverability; however, I am extremely busy with numerous clients throughout the day.  My career as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist does give me an advantage.  This job has exploded my network which should translate well to the real estate industry.  

     I decided to pursue my dual PA and NJ license because of the potential to take control of my future.  I am a hard worker and have always enjoyed the daily interactions of conversing with people.  I see myself more as an independent contractor and using my real estate license in my personal investments.  However; I also plan on selling houses in my spare time for extra income.  I have a passion for sales and am incredibly competitive.  

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this post.  If anyone has information that could help me out in this situation, I would be extremely appreciative.  Have a wonderful day!

Find a broker that has lower fees. As a rule of thumb, it costs several $1000s a year to sustain as a realtor with the membership, lockbox, mls subscription, desk fees. You should look a brokerage that has no desk fee to keep your cost down. Without a brokerage to sponsor you can not even view listings for realtors but alone selling or buying properties. 80% drop out of real estate business 1st year because they have low production or no production. The real proactive ones hang in there. Some do quite well early on.

Hi Bill, I'm an agent and I'm with Ezkeys Realty NJ. They  have an office in Kearny NJ and Newark. I chose this company because of the good rates the broker charge in comparison to other brokers. They allow you to hand for a low amount and will work with you to beat all prices. Feel free to contact them.

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@Bill Capper Congrats on the license!  

Since you are a busy guy and considering getting licensed in PA as well, I'd recommend looking in to eXp as one of at least a few that you consider.  I joined because I needed the flexibility to get training and support outside of my day job - and didn't want to pay desk or franchise fees for an office I'd hardly step foot in.  

For you as a licensed agent in two states, you'd still only have a single low commission cap to pay.  Traditionally you'd have to join two separate licensed brokers in each state and have separate caps to pay for each.

It isn't always right for new agents - but more new agents are trying it.  I'm pretty impressed with the mentor program, but we are growing at such a rate that it needs some expansion - hope to see that soon.

Best of luck to you!

@Bill Capper hey Bill, I’m in your same position and would be cool to pick your brain on how you went about getting NJ and PA. Goal would be to cover both but have my main office in PA. But it feels like I may need to hang my license in NJ first.

@Bill Capper being licensed in multiple states is  great way to go.  With your line of work I feel you will be in  great position to start your RE career running.  It really comes down to a relationships and putting the work in.  I wish you the best!