CPA and Financial Advisors in Austin, TX

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Looking for CPA and Financial Advisor recommendations in Austin, TX. Would be great if these recommendations have thorough experience with clients who have rental properties. If you know someone I should be connected with please let me know!

@Kyle Westbrook I know @Michael Plaks is in Houston if you're looking for someone in your home state.

If you're open to working remotely with a real-estate-savvy CPA, there are a few of us here on BP (including Michael!) that you can reach out to and see if there's some synergy.

Good luck!

Thanks for the shout out, @Nicholas Aiola .

The most prominent REI group in Austin is run by Phil and Shenoah Grove:

They have a CPA firm as a vendor, but I cannot remember their name.

This is not an endorsement from me, as I really do not know much about that firm. 

You can also ask in the Austin forum here on BP.

But if you're open to a remote service - any of us tax experts on this BP forum can help.