Rental Property Next to Power lines/Within Easement

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Hello Everyone,

Hoping to see if anyone has had any experience with renting a property in which the house is within the power line vegetation easement. In general if anyone has had experience with the power line companies and the risks associated.


Risk is fear to live under. 

There has never been a proven health case someone lives under high voltage line caught cancer globally. Government would have by now after 100+ years passing law to stop building homes.  

It is however more difficult to unload. Take longer and get less $ back.

Thanks for your feedback Sam! I've found so far that most potential buyers/renters do not even bring up the power lines. The house sits in a vegetation easement, so that calms some of my concern. However, as you mentioned it's the offloading that I am worried about. The entry price point is attractive enough for my investing partner and I to feel comfortable with the added risk. Time will tell. Sorry on the delay.