Expanding to Omaha / Lincoln Nebraska

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Hi! My company is coming to Omaha / Lincoln area and I am trying to connect with local investors to help me understand where the best opportunities are for buying rentals / flips or wholesaling. I'm actually in town until Saturday (9/1) morning. Please let me know if this is something you can help out with - I'd love to try and schedule a time to talk or meet! The best way to get me quickly is usually email, which can be found in my profile.

@Mike Cowper I’m new to the game, but not new to building businesses from scratch! I’m down here in Lincoln though my schedule is a bit too full to make it put to Omaha before Saturday, I’d be happy to find time for a phone call, or if you were going to be in Lincoln at any point on Friday we could connect. I grew up outside Omaha, so I’d be able to give you some perspective on both cities. As with anywhere in the country, both Lincoln and Omaha are orettt hot right now. Most really good SFR Inly last a day In MLS and most flIps, rentals, and small multis are priced so hIgh they barely make sense... again, I know thats how most the country Is, and as with anywhere there are still some deals to be had. Look forward to connecting soon! zh
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@Antoine Martel - We do over 100 transactions a year in Metro Detroit suburbs (Oakland / Macomb / Wayne County)

@Zach Harsin - I'm going to send you a connection request. I'd love to meet you, not sure if I'll be able to make it back to Lincoln this trip (spent the day there yesterday). 

 Wow and are those flips or rentals?

Its a combination of flips, rental pickups, and wholesales. Our primary model in Michigan is wholesaling at the moment - we've become pretty good at sourcing deals and evaluate which exit strategy is best for our model at the time we put a property under contract.

I'm in Lincoln, NE if you have any specific question about this area.  Love to help and/or work together if it makes sense.

@Mike Cowper , I missed this thread when you originally posted, but feel free to shoot me a DM if you are still looking for Omaha investor contacts.  We do a decent volume of biz in the Omaha area.