Portland feels a little dead..

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Hey all! So I've been doing a lot of reading and a lot of listening for a few months now (primarily in wholesaling to begin with) and I'm to the point where I feel somewhat comfortable and confident to take action. One of my steps in taking action was to network with local investors in the Portland/Salem, OR area but I've been a little disappointed.. Obviously there's no shortage of money to be made and real estate is big in most cities like Portland but I've had a hard time finding groups and other other investors to meet and talk with. Of course its not that there's NO ONE around but it definitely feels limited. :/ Anyone in the area feel otherwise? Am i just looking in the wrong areas lol let me know, I'd love to connect with as many people as I can!

I feel the same way sometimes, but in fairness, I’ve not even begun to exhaust my resources locally yet. I still have a lot of BP folks to meet up with so we can network and share. It will happen brother. Keep it up!

wholesaling as taught by gurus is not legal in Oregon that's one issue.

but for meet ups  check out @Mike Nuss program  Rarebird.. lots of good investors attend this .

@Trevor Hall There are plenty of local investment groups. Rarebird is definitely one of them but you can look into the site Meetup.com. I have gone to quite a few meet ups with investors through that site. You can also look into NWREIA. There are a couple meetings a month through that group. 

Check Facebook, there are real estate investing clubs in every major city that a lot of times have monthly meetups.  As you drive around Portland keep an eye out for investors, signs of investors marketing for leads, or if you spot what you think is an investor's rehab check it out and ask the tradesmen working there.  Also you could ask local agents or contractors if they know any investor's that are looking for wholesaler's.  If you are completely new and have no experience not all of them will want to work with you unless you can prove you know what your doing, but they could at least point you in the right direction to find someone that will.  Like Jay said, check out the laws and see what's legal.

For new investors Portland is WAY overpriced. Especially if you have local money. I think it may be one of the most overvalued markets nowadays  

Folks from CA are coming in and prices have skyrocketed. 

I am in Eugene and so am looking for ways to meet/network so thanks for the posts :).