First timer trying to start in Scottsdale AZ

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Hello World! My fiance and I have always discussed what our future home would look like but recently we’ve decided to abandon (temporarily) our vision of our house and go with something that makes more financial sense. Instead of a single-family home we are now looking to purchase a duplex/triplex or twin homes in the Scottsdale/Tempe/Phoenix area. We’ve been using apps like and zillow to find deals but we’ve noticed there are few options out there. We are looking for any advice you can spare a couple of first time home buyers who are looking to take the first step in real estate investing. Thanks in advance for the replies!

hello @Sergio Hueck - How exciting for you. I have several clients looking for the same thing - and they are more difficult to find - but a good realtor with access to the MLS is what you need on your team. We can set you up with automated searches so that you can review properties that meet your needs. I would love to connect with you - and the we can find out more of what you are looking for, and what is available in our market. Feel free to connect with me.

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Debra Thomson, RN AZ Realtor Keller Williams Northeast Realty SA#6792390000