Just launched my first REI Website

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Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to the REI world. I would say I have my associates degree from the youtube/podcast university. I am a licensed agent in the Tampa area and I just launched my first REI website. This site is geared towards finding motivated sellers as a wholesaler, not a buyer/listing agent. I would really appreciate any comments and or feedback. Also, feel free to reach out if I can help you in any way.

The site is CandZhomes.com 

Let me know what you think.

Thanks, Zilma

@Zilma Yotte-Johnson OMG, Congratulations, that is so awesome. I'm very excited for you. Keep us updated on how things are working out. I'm brand new to Wholesale and I'm still in the learning phase but I've been looking into different programs to get my website started. So I'd definitely appreciate your likes and dislikes about your website. Best of Wishes to you

Originally posted by @Jason D. :
@Zilma Yotte-Johnson The website looks great! Good luck with it. As a wholesaler, are you taking ownership of the property or finding buyers and assigning the contract?

 Thank you.

Since I’m licensed in Florida, I was told that double closing is the best practice. I’m still doing research on the legality of an assignment fee to a realtor.

Do you wholesale as well?