Wholesaling in Gwinnett and Dekalb Co. GA

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Hello, I am entering in to REI in the Gwinnett County and Dekalb County areas. I want to start with wholesaling because it seems like the easiest route to get your feet wet. Eventually I'll gradually move along to Fix & Flip, moving into Buy and Hold any many other REI ventures. I am looking for any advice, leads on motivated buyers, realtors in the area who work with wholesalers, and possibly a partnership with anyone in the areas to get some deals done.

My goal is to get to get my first deal done in the next 90 days. For some the goal my be unrealistic. But I'm determined to get it done. It will be done. This is just the beginning for me. See you along the REI journey!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

@Antwuan Everson , I would suggest you join your local REIA. Network with those that have gone down that road. By the way, I host the Gwinnett Subgroup for GA-REIA. (Shameless plug)