Mentorship- Washington state

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Hello Biggerpockets. I'm not sure how far this post will take me but I am am entrepreneur in the making. I work full time and go to school. If anybody can connect with me maybe in the Puget sound area or even over the web that would be great. Just looking for someone to help me on my journey into being a real estate investor. Thank you!

@Joe E Mendoza same shoes as you! I work full time but looking to build a passive investment portfolio. I live in Bellevue area, have been to a couple of meetups but most of them require you to spends upwards of $2000 on educational courses if you are looking for mentorship! :/

hey @Yumna Zahid ,  I saw your post and was curious if you've been to a Fixated Real Estate Meet up? I think its one of the better meet ups for networking and connecting with a really great community. There is actually one tomorrow at Bellevue college if you can swing it on such short notice.   i would definitely recommend you start connecting with other local investors like yourself before you jump in to mentorship.     Here's a link to their site, shoot me a message if you have any quesitons, i would be happy to help.     

The general consensus is you're not going to find a true mentor (one that doesn't charge you money) by asking for it. Especially when you use the word Mentor. Some people do just want to help out, but most people are busy and aren't going to go out of their way. I would suggest offering up something to them rather than asking for something. Best of luck!