Real estate agent AND attempting investing in NC

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Hi everyone, my name is Brielle and im a realtor in Raleigh, nc. Me along with a partner have put ourselves out there to get started with what we initially thought was just wholesaling including marketing via signs and direct mailers focused on pre foreclosures. We have received responses and have already gone on an appointment but now I'm a bit stuck. So far it seems as though the sellers dont owe anymore on taxes which had taken them out of pre foreclosure jail, but they are still unable to keep up with the home that is why they are ready to sell. My question is, proceeding forward, should these homes be listed via MLS or could I still work with an investor as a buyer? Or, does it not really matter? There just hasn't been a scenario like this on any of the podcast I've heard unique to NC or licensed agents. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!
@Brielle Ford I would say it depends on how fast the sellers want to unload the house or what condition the house is in. You can easily find a list of buyers/investors who might be interested. You can add me to that list.

@Brielle Ford Hi, I think it's up to the sellers. I guess just be careful because your licensed your expected to on some level to act as impartial. I would make sure they are OK with whichever approach and that they know the options. As others have said I'd like to be on that list as well. Thanks and Good luck!

@Brielle Ford The question is, who are you representing? Who is your client?

If you don't have any agency agreement with the seller, then you can just represent the buyer. You can also represent both in dual agency as long as both parties agree with that and you have disclosed your representations correctly in writing to all parties.

If you already approached the seller, as a licensed real estate broker in NC you are required to provide them with the Working with a real estate agent brochure so they understand the process and the representation.

It sounds like that you have already negotiated something with the seller and potentially learned personal / financial information about the seller. So if you have not done the proper disclosures and then bring your client, you might get into legal trouble and potentially getting sued by the seller for undisclosed agency. 

It is somewhat disadvantage to be a licensed real estate broker as you are held to a higher standard and you have to disclose items you would normally not have to do without license.

Whether you list the property on the MSL or not, that is up to the seller. It's not required by any law to list your house anywhere in order to sell it. 

Hi Brielle - are you a member of the NC Assoc of Realtors? If yes, you will most likely have to list any offering on MLS. I dont think they allow any sort of pocket listing. If you are not a member of the NC Assoc of Realtors, then no, you don't have to list the house on MLS; you can market the house however you want, like through typical wholesaling offmarket activities like BP. But if you are a licensed NC real estate agent, you still have to NCREC regs. Hope that is helpful!