28M Seeking Coffee Dates in NJ

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Hi all,

Long-time lurker finally looking to make real connections in the New Jersey area. My plan is to be an investor - I've read a lot on REI over the past year and am taking steps to getting licensed. Open to both commercial and residential for the time being.

Would love to learn in-person about people's own experiences and overall, I'm looking to build long-term relationships. I'm hoping to connect with individuals (or networks) from whom I can learn and hopefully provide some value of my own.

What I've got to offer:

1) I'm a proactive learner - I enjoy absorbing knowledge, asking questions, and challenging basic assumptions.

2) I don't take myself too seriously and actively try to avoid being an *******.

3) I have found decent white-collar success; I am the VP of Analytics at a digital marketing agency. I lead a team of analysts and work very closely with my executive leadership to ensure the growth of my company. I know advertising, marketing and communications like the back of my hand and I analyze data for a living.

I don't have plans to leave my full-time job anytime soon but I'm branching out into new avenues of "passive" income. Excited to become a part of this community!


@Jason Baik - come to our meetup this Thursday night 9/27 from 7-9 at Keller Williams Princeton (100 Canal Pointe) and we will teach you how to analyze a deal.