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It’d be great to connect with any investors, agents, or property managers that live or work in the Gorge. I’m curious to get local perspectives from towns like Hood River, The Dalles, Lyle, Benjin, White Salmon, and Stevenson.

I flipped only one house in Hood River. It was an interesting project to say the least. The previous property owner had literally let his goats and chickens into the home, the crazy thing was it was a beautiful home. I think 4800 sq. feet with custom woodwork throughout (it was a contractors personal home) with beautiful views of Mt Hood and Adams. The tough part I had was in Hood River everyone seems to know each other so I had a tougher time selling the property because people had heard that goats and chickens had been in the house. A couple people we had talked to referred  the goat house.  I can say this about that area it's absolutely beautiful, the people are sooo nice. I did find it difficult to hire contractors.

Thanks @Mathew Taylor . I'll send you a PM.

I know there has been a couple other people from Hood River and The Dalles that I've talked to over the years from BiggerPockets. Any of you have your keyword alters on and still in the game?

We recently had a structural inspection done of one of the historic buildings in The Dalles, turns out that huge investment is needed. Price and payment conditions were interesting, but the amount of work and money that had to go into the project made us reconsider. Potential is huge though if you have the resources and stamina. You also would contribute to the development of a small community town, something that I found probably most attractive about our idea to invest in The Dalles. 

Neal I built 26 homes there ( the village at Rand Road was my project )  and then did about half a dozen infills

and funded maybe 3 for other builders.. market is robust.. and solid.

the reason I am not there now.. was this was 5 to 6 years ago before building got white hot in Portland and we were able to get our subs to come out from East side Portland.. 

today you have a hard time getting subs from one side of Portland to the other side..  or like my framer wont leave Canby LOL..   So then you have the local subs and they charge up the wazzoo  .. 

I learned this the hard way .. i optioned 20 plus lots from my bank over in Seaside .. Thompson Falls  development.

I thought I could pull off what I did in Hood River and pull subs from West side of Washington county.. NOPE and our cost were so much we actually lost about 50k total on 3 new builds that sold just under 500k each.. lots of work for a small loss for us.. So I tell those tales to encourage you to make sure you get your sub pricing before you commit to anything.

Hi Neal,

I happen to be a 5 gen native of Hood River (HR) and have worked for the top real estate agencies for 5 years.  The changes that have occurred over the years has been mind-blowing.  This year we saw two very average homes, in the small neighborhood where my mother lives, sell for almost a million dollars.  My eyes just about popped out of my head.  The population has turned to Californians who have sold their houses in California and are able to buy HR homes with cash, pushing the locals out.  Welcome to the new Santa Cruz, Ca.  As for the investor, I bid you good luck.  Fortunately there are other areas in the Gorge that stiff have a lot of potential.  Lyle and Mosier are already extremely high priced with The Dalles creeping up quickly behind them.  Fortunately Goldendale, Cascade Locks, and Stevenson are still a little more 'reasonably' priced.