FB or Meetup Group for OOS investors living in NYC?

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Hi BP Community!

Before we get started I DID check the meetups on BP in my area but they are pretty limited at the moment. It occurred to me that there might be some closed (or otherwise) Facebook groups or other meetups happening that some of you know about. 

Full disclosure I am not going to be a local investor in NYC but I have been preparing to get into an OOS market for multi-family investing. (Please lord let me just pick one already!) It would be amazing to find a group of people in NYC already doing that. I would also just be happy to be a part of a group regardless of where their investments are. Thanks in advance if you've got a lead on that!

I dont know of any specific local meet ups for OOS investing but there are a lot of different REI meet ups in the city.

If you go to meet ups you will find plenty of OOS investors, common in expensive markets like the one we are in.

@Audrey Spina

Welcome to Biggerpockets and Brooklyn!

I attend a couple meetup groups in and around NYC(Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City).
You may want to open up your search to meetup.com and do a search for real estate.

You will find a good mix of experienced investors who invest out of state. It is interesting to hear all the investors stories because many are investing in a different market and killing it. 

Below is a list of the meetups that I attend


I lived in Brooklyn for 30 years and currently live in Manhattan. I also found it hard to invest in NYC and as a result an out of state investor. I'll send you a BP connection. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.