Any investors in CT want to bounce ideas?

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Anybody want to chat about RE in CT? I am primarily an multi-family, seasoned investor, who has properties in Norwich and Torrington. I live in CA. Just seeing to see who would be interested in exchanging ideas. I believe that bouncing ideas is always good, right, specially when we are on the same page. 

I bought mine recently a few months ago. Usually I hold on to my properties for a LONG time as rentals. I have 22 units in CT currently and 5 in RI, and I self manage from CA. Currently have 3 vacancies and a duplex to be fully remodeled, which I will start next month. Tell me more about yourself, please.

Hi all, I'll jump in and follow this thread. I'm a buy and hold investor in CT as well. I have singles and duplexes in the greater Hartford area. @Naren M. - I'm impressed you're self managing your rentals from CA...especially a rehab. I'd like to hear about how you're handling that!

The remote rehab is a challenge, for sure. The key is finding a good, reliable contractor. However, the problem is most contractors don't fit this criteria. As we all know, contractors have their own reputation, anywhere in the country, but I firmly believe there are still the few that are honest and reliable and will work at a good price. Unfortunately, one has to go through several contractors to figure this out, which costs time and money! Nowadays, I try and get a referral from somebody and I am trying this currently, which is 'kinda' working out (at least better than craigslist!). I have been burnt many times, but I don't let that deter me, since I know at the end I come out ahead.

Hi all, I guess I am a buy and hold rentals investor, though I really just made my first purchase this July. Somehow I already bought 3 properties in Hartford (8 units in total). A little overwhelmed, but I do have some experience with managing the financials and paperwork for 20 single families in Nevada for the past 10 years. Hartford is rough...

Hi Naren

I own a small property management company called MOXIE Management. We can and have done everything from full service rental management, to just lawn/snow and maintenance to even rehab management. We work primarily in SECT and I would love to chat more with you about what we could do for you. 

Thanks! And have a wonderful day. 

I'll jump in to this conversation too.

I'm a contractor my self and hearing all those stories about us (contractors) make me feel really sad. I know where those stories come from though. Most of those contractors get slammed with work and instead telling the truth to the customer they choose not to pick up the phone or promise something (because they feel bad) and not follow up...

I do flips my self and most of the times I use subs - small subs. As long as you can manage right, you keep pressure on them and treat them right then it all works out just fine.

As I'm about to get into long term rentals (I'm putting my first offer on 4 family tomorrow) my biggest fear is to have to be committed to go to my rental property at 12am and have to fix broken sink or clogged toilet.... 

Hi @Naren M. I'm new to REI. I live in Stamford, CT and I'm currently on the hunt for wholesale properties here in Fairfield county. (Southwestern corner of the state) If you're interested in acquiring properties in this area, feel free to reach out. I'm currently trying to negotiate a promising property under contract. Also, for any of you other CT investors, if you're interested in my area I'd love to hear from you.

I grew up in Hartford and know quite a few contractors including my brother around the area. I haven't used them yet on any investment properties because I'm still a noob looking for his 1st deal but I've used them on my current and last SFH. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to connect.

I own a condo in Avon, ct. Once the tenant leaves, I am hoping to sell it or rent it out for much more. It was on the market previously for over a year with only 1 offer that fell through due to financing. Place needs to be updated, but the realtor i used advised me not to and just let the next owner handle it. Can you guys help?

Talk to 2 - 4 other realtors. I don't think he is giving good advise to you. There are certain factors in making that decision and I can give you my input which would be better via a short conversation!