Anyone joined the Broward or Miami-Dade REIA?

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Hey Dolly.

I am a student in the BREIA mentorship program.

I joined there June 6th. My program is six months. I travel a lot for work so I am not AS involved with them as I wish I was. I'm sure the other students can tell you more...

Ryan Kuhlman is my assigned mentor. In my opinion, he's a tough one. I am afraid to ask him questions sometimes. I feel like I do my own research because of my fear of getting screamed at. lol. I'm also kind of shy. He is VERY caring but he has his own way of showing him. He is very motivating and a high action taker.. To me, his way of communicating is "Just do it already." 

Anish seems more analytical, numbers guy, sarcastic (in a nice way), less emotion and seems kind of quiet.

My advice before getting into an association.... Feel them out. Speak person to person, several times, to see if your personalities match. It's great to have people you can look up to but it is even better if they are people you know you can get along well with. Not saying I don't like them.. I do.

The benefits I get out of the program

-They fund their students deals and they have multiple cash buyers (You're backed up by the big guys)

-I have access to their system similar to MLS were I get all my lead from to go after distressed properties.

-Step by step marketing strategies and they provision everything. 

(There's a bit more but I don't want to expose their secrets lol)

The group is very interactive but online through Facebook. They have meetings 

BREIA: First Wednesday of each month

Networking starts at 5:30 pm

General Business: 6:30 pm

Speaker 6:45 pm

and MD-REIA Is either Tuesday or Thursday starting at 6 pm.

If you have any more questions, I'm happy to help. :)

@Sarah Torres Thank you so much for your feedback. I've been waiting for someone to provide input. I think it is important for you to do your own research, but at the same time, you are paying big bucks for your mentoring program, and you should not hold back at asking questions. Doing your own research will help you more than hurt you, but you should ask away with all your questions to your mentor. That is why he is getting paid!

You have a good point about getting to know the association before I commit to them. My and their personalities should match. I am having a similar situation right now where my agent is not having the same investing state of mind as I am so it is leading me to look elsewhere. He is cool and all, but I notice that he is thinking differently when it comes to the BP mentality for Cash Flow.

So, with the program, since the mentor program funds the deals, are they the owners of the properties or you?

Which association is better? Broward or Miami-Dade?

Thank you again for your feedback.