New to Nashville Market, would love to connect with others

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Hey BP family I'm writing up this post because I am new to the Nashville TN market and would love to connect with other active investors. If you would like to chat feel free to PM me or leave a comment and I will reach out to connect. Thank you for your time and hopefully I'll meet some fellow real estate investors.    

I’m in the Nashville area and am interested in becoming an investor, too . I work for a property management company as the CFO and we have quite an extensive portfolio of units we manage, should you need some perspective on the manageKent side! Looking forward to talking.

I'm in the Nashville area and I'm always interested in talking to new or potential investors in the area about their strategy.  I've been in Nashville since 2011 and it's crazy to see how the scene has changed.  Let me know if you have any questions about what I think the market is doing.