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My wife and I just purchased a home in Kauai. We move in February. I would love to meet or talk with any seasoned Kauai REI to discuss the residential, VR, and commercial markets. Any introduction would be greatly appreciated. I would also enjoy speaking with anyone who is in the Hawaii property management business. Thanks in advance


Hi @Braxton Walcott , if you’re in the Poipu Beach area send me a PM and we can chat. I own and self manage several down on the south side. Unfortunately I won’t be much help if it’s on the north side. Mahalo

Aloha @Braxton Walcott ! Welcome to Kauai, in advance. I'd be happy to guide you related to property managers and anything else related to the island. @Kellen Canfield has gotten an REI meetup going on the island, so he can get you in the loop on when the next one will be (likely January). I'll send you a DM to discuss further!

Thank you for reaching out @Greg Horn .  I land on the island February 15th and look forward to meeting you both.  Ill hit you up on DM.


@Braxton Walcott , I may be gone part of February and March, but I'm sure someone else can host the meetup for that time. Either way, I look forward to meeting you! Let me know if you have any questions.

@kellancanfield, I finally made it to the island and just wanted to reach out to see when you expect to host another meetup on Kauai.  Hope you're doing well.

Braxton Walcott

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