Recommendation: Investment Property Insurance

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I recommend finding an independent insurance agent who you know, like, and trust - they'll do the shopping for you and make sure you're in the best position. There are lots of factors to consider when investing out of state - insurance, coverages, and rules vary from state to state. I'd be happy to help make any connections.

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@Eric Weireter Will it be under renovation after closing? 1 to 4 units or more? Buying it cash or financing? Depending on the phase the building will be in, it will need different insurance. If it is financed, some lenders will require a replacement policy which is hard to find if it is vacant or renovated for an extended period of time. If cash, you can go ACV during the vacant or under renovation phase. Once it is done and rented out, you can get a regular landlord policy. An independent agent like myself will be able to handle the insurance per the situation.

@Eric Weireter So one of the units are occupied? A regular landlord will work so long as you don't do more than interior cosmetic for the other unit.  For the Pittsburgh area, I normally use Erie or Philadelphia Contributionship, but I noticed you are based in NC? They don't like long distance landlord that is outside a certain mileage.  Safeco or Travelers will be an option though. A local independent agent may have more.