Dallas / Ft Worth REI Clubs - Which do you attend?

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The ONLY good meeting I have been to in either DFW or Austin is RENC in Austin. All of the other ones I have been to in either location have been disappointing.

Mike - Sorry, no clue. That's far enough from me to qualify for a relocation deduction.

Bryan - I've only attended one in DFW. It's now defunct. Went about three times. Was not worth the $20 or the 20 miles. My reason for asking is two fold: 1) see if any were worth attending and 2) meet some local people from this board.

Troy St. Pierre runs a club in North Dallas and is a member of our fund. You may try contacting him. The meeting more CRE-centric...not sure what you are looking for.

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at Sheraton Dallas North Hotel, 4801 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas. I have not received an email about this months meeting yet. Follow this link and join the meetup group: TREIC.