Marketing and Lead generation

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When marketing and doing direct mail what's the best avenue to take? Meaning should I use companies like list source or listability? Or should you use companies that specialize in lead generation? Like leadknack? from what I've read a lot of these lists have been used over and over again. Owners are getting bombarded with the same flyers or postcards. Thoughts or any advice is greatly appreciated.



@Norm Chrostowski  The problem with using a company like list source is that you are getting the same list that everyone else is mailing to. Absentee owners are getting plenty of offers in most markets so it's hard for yours to stand out.

Consider working with a list broker. They can make some recommendations for some of the new lists that are getting traction, but haven't been over-mailed. Even with the personal service, the pricing will be about the same.

That's exactly what I'm taking about. Seems like there's lot of completion where I live. See a lot bandit signs around. I assume they are also doing mailings. Don't want to be just another postcard/flyer.

Is that what your involved in? Are you a list broker? If so, I would love to have an opportunity to speak with you some time.

You could also try driving for dollars to find some off-market jewels. However, you have to start somewhere. As long as your marketing efforts are consistent you will have better odds of success. 

Good Luck! 

Thank you Eshan. I appreciate the feedback. I guess I'm just getting paralysis by analysis. Been reading a LOT of info. Good and bad. And just trying to make an educated decision on getting started. Is hiring a mentor a good idea? Do I try to learn on my own?...etc

So pondering marketing ( What have you had most success with? REO's, pre-for closures, absentee owners far as lists are concerned of course. Thank you