Brent Daniels/TTP course

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Hello I see your from the lakeview area of NY, Im from long island we should connect and chat sometime! Anyways I have not used Brent Daniels TTP course but I know its geared more towards cold calling and building repor with sellers. From people I know I heard its a great course if your having trouble cold calling. Just know the course is 4 grand to enroll. Im not endorsing anyone but you may also want to look into Wholesaling inc. its 5 grand but it goes over every facet of wholesaling and allows you access to a private forum. Personally speaking if your just starting out I would use youtube university, use money to build lists+skiptracing+Drive4$ and get your feet wet in this business before investing 4-5 grand into a course/mentorship. Start going to local REIA meetings and talk to people in your market is certainly ideal. Hope this helps