REIA meetings Toledo Ohio

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@Lonell Slaughter

There are two groups in Toledo, definitely attend both and get the most out of each month!

I am Vice President of PIN, on my third year in the role. Our group is unique in Ohio (I know as I served on the Ohio REIA board for a few years) staying grass roots.

Many groups are for profit and owned and lead by a single person, these typically host for-profit gurus frequently as they pay to speak and profit share their sales that occurred to members during the meeting. 

PIN is all member lead, members are common speakers as are local agencies such as the county Treasurer and other politicians who affect investors, our local S8 office, the water dept, and just two meetings ago we had an hour long presentation from Fair Housing with Q&A. 

It’s a group you will need to participate in to do well rather than warm a seat and be talked at...that said I have landed several deals there and a year ago linked a deal I had as realtor to a young investor with interest and skill with a private lender who funded the whole thing. Kid owns a performing 3 unit now. 

Love to see you at our main meeting or breakfast meeting. The July meeting is a picnic...details on the website!