REI Meet-Ups in San Angelo, TX

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I currently live in San Angelo, TX and I have been looking for like-minded individuals in the area to connect with. I have had no luck finding any REI groups in the area. I have been thinking about creating a group that meets a couple times a month to share ideas, advice & experiences. If there is anyone in the area that would be interested in this, I would love to make it happen!!

Hi Jade! I've attended a few meet ups in the past, but there hasn't been one that has been established as an ongoing meeting. I'd be interesting in attending when possible. 

Hello folks! Newbie to real estate investing and in the absorb as much information as possible phase. I currently reside in San Angelo and would like to attend the meetup group in town. I don't have Facebook, so what's the best way to know about meetup dates?

Yes sir!!  We are hoping to do a meet up in April. 

Look up San Angelo's Investor and Entrepreneur Network on Facebook.  

If you can't find it, look me up on FB and I'll send you an invite.