Sending Direct Mail Strategies

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@Jocquinn Inmon If you are sending fewer than 200 you can start by typing up a letter and doing it yourself. Keep in mind this is very time intensive. If you are starting a bit larger then I would outsource it. Just make sure whatever you do that you are able to maintain a consistent marketing strategy. 


@Jocquinn Inmon To obtain proper success through direct mail you will need to be consistent in your efforts. It takes 3-5 touches to get responses to your mail. You can get results before that time frame too, but you need to have a budget plan that will allow you to continue your campaign for 6-12 months. You can find leads on websites like Listsource, by driving for dollars, using list brokers etc. 

You should try to mail to a substantial number of leads at a time. In order to do that effectively, you really should consider outsourcing the mailing part of your direct mail campaign. 

Good Luck!