Renting in Salt Lake City with Low Credit Score

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Hello All,

I am currently relocating to Salt Lake City from South Carolina. I have been offered a job with one of the airlines. I have excellent rental history but a bit of a botched credit history. I have a few credit cards that I have all up to date. A good amount of medical collections from the past. But I do have a quite low credit score. I am looking to rent an apartment starting in September. I am looking for anything fancy, trendy or otherwise special. Just need a studio really. 

Does anyone know of any communities that work with bad credit? 

@Diana Flores ,

If you are looking for an Apartment Community studio just go to Google Maps for the area and type in apartments.

Then visit their websites to see what matches your desires and monthly rent amount, and call them and ask if your credit is good enough for them.,+UT+apartments/@40.7354214,-111.9127617,13z/data=!3m1!4b1

Good Luck!