Looking to meet investors/agents in my area!

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I’m in Rome, GA and would love to start connecting with anyone who is in the area! Willing to offer help where needed in return for getting shown the ropes in getting started


For the best group look up Atlanta REIA. Another great one is South Atlanta REIA run by one of my great friends and Fortune Builder Coach, Stacy. Networking is KEY to real estate investing and finding deals. Google real estate groups in the Rome area to find other investors. Look at Bigger Pockets profiles and try to find others who are in the Rome area. Try Meetup.com for any real estate meetings in your area. Use the Internet for other real estate investor groups in your area.

@Derek Kopp I moved away from Rome last month but I still own a lot of property there. Unfortunately there aren't any real steady investors groups there that I I'm aware of. There was an apartments owners group I attended a few years ago but not sure they meet any more. The closest I found was in Carteresville NGREIA. 

It's a pretty small town though and I know quite a few folks in real estate there so let me know if I can guide you to a specific type person.

@Jeff Kehl

Thanks Jeff!

Currently I am preparing to take the prelicence course and exam. I am still in the process of figuring out the niche i want to invest in, I’ve been told by my landlord that there aren’t a lot of young agents around my age in the area and i could have success selling w/ the 50-150k range to younger individuals. Also interested in househacking. If you know of any good contacts or have some good suggestions I’d love to chat sometime! You can DM me if you’d be interested.