On the fence of being an investor

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I’ve found a four plex that i think 2 units would pay the mortgage with the other 2 as monthly income. I watched a lot of videos lately on real estate but would like to get other sources on whether it would be worth my time.

@Darrell Brock it is worth your time. The worst case scenario is you own a property and you have to rehab a bit to turn it into a flip as opposed to doing it as a rental property. Im not saying buy a bad deal but use the BP calculators to run the numbers on the property to see if its worth the money and as @Sam Shueh said talk to your lender first to see if you qualify for that deal.

@Darrell Brock I agree with @Anthony W.  Use the calculators and ensure your numbers works. In the if the deal works then try it. I also agree with @Sam Shueh to get your financing lined up if you haven't. As an investor I always make sure I have multiple funding options available for multiple situations. When you see a deal you want to spend the time analyzing the deal not financing it.