Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach VA Investors?

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I'm new to Virginia Beach (from NYC) and am looking to connect with investors in the Hampton Roads area. It seems like this area is a hotbed for investors and has a little bit of everything depending on one's investment strategy...

@Mike Kehoe Hello and welcome to the area. I moved down here from NH a few years ago. It's not as easy to see games from the World Series Champions since we're so far away from Boston now, but other than that Hampton Roads has been a nice place to live. And yes, it is a very hot real estate investment market down here. Lots of deals to be found but there is also a lot of competition. You should check out the Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group (TRIG). They meet monthly (next one is next Tuesday July 16th). I won't be able to attend but it's casino night so it should be fun. Hopefully we can meet up at the August meetup. There is also the Hampton Roads Landlord Association which just met yesterday but also meets every month.

@Ernest Grindle As a Yankees fan I can relate to the frustration of not being able to watch a game whenever the desire hits...

Thank you for the suggestions on the meetups... I'll definitely be checking them out!

@Mike Kehoe , I have a monthly meetup and the next topic is Airbnb and short term rentals. Last month was estimating rehab costs. More importantly, there are some great folks of all levels doing some amazing things on the investor front. Check out the events and it is under Hampton Roads Investor Group. The next one is August 5th. Welcome to Hampton Roads!

Another newbie here. Have two SFH LTR's and we are getting into the airbnb game soon. Interested in a smaller brewery meetup if you guys have one. Will also start attending meetings held at 1st Class. Thanks @Melanie McDaniel ! Looking into TRIG now. Looking forward to meeting you all. 

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@Erick Pinzon Over at Meetup check out

Hop-portunity Investing, Real Estate Investment with Beer!

 Thanks! Just requested to join.

For anyone that couldn't make it, we had an awesome night at the casino night with TRIG. Even won a smoker!