Non-REIA Tampa Meet-Up

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Has anyone had success setting up a non-REIA meet-up?

I'm thinking about scheduling a small meet-up at Craft Street in Oldsmar, FL to discuss REI in the greater Tampa Bay Area. My goal is to grab some beers, meet new likeminded people and begin building a network that benefits all involved.

I can add value by discussing my personal investing strategy, offer up insurance advice and recommend proven subcontractors in Tampa Bay.

While this post may get crickets, if there’s interest I’ll definitely set something up. If not, that’s okay too.

Either way, glad to be here.


Brand new to biggerpockets, been running 2 rentals for 8 years, working  to prep for a 3rd.  I can't make this meetup, but would be happy to get to know you and maybe get to next one.

@Shannon Ludlow will see everyone Thursday!

The link below will aid in our discussions as I’m sure it’s on everyone’s mind.

@Shannon Ludlow Thank you to everyone who made it last night for our first meet-up. Below is a quick rundown of how it went for those that wanted to come but could not attend.

Attendees: Previous Buy & Hold Investor, Entrepreneur/CEO, Engineer and an Insurance Professional.

Our meet-up was full of knowledge sharing, laughs, wine and cold beer. We discussed different REI strategies, wholesale deals, syndications, note investing, debated SFR vs. multi-family, raising capital (i.e. hard money, private, etc.) and reliable local contractors.

More importantly, we all took action and showed-up. Those who attended are now starting to build a REAL local network that will mutually benefit them either through partnerships, education or motivation.

If you are interested in joining us for the next meet-up, we created a closed FB group called Tampa Bay REI Growthstermind.