Looking for a reliable title company in San Antonio

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I’ve been through about half a dozen. I’m looking for one who communicates and moves fast. Also one who answers txt/email during non business hours. Is that too much to ask for? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

We use Five Star Title in Seguin for just about all of our deals.  They have a satellite office here in San Antonio for closings.  They are very responsive and hustle hard when I've got some crazy deal that needs to close quickly.  I appreciate that.   

YES, that is too much to ask. Most people work 8 or 830 until 5, maybe 6. I have gotten calls and emails as late as 7pm, but not too often. 

If you have a regular job, you need to take calls and emails during your work time or on your lunch break. There is no reason that they should have to work until 8 or 9pm. Plus most people are not going to give you their cell phone numbers so that you will be bothering them while they are off of work and with their family.

Plan your days by sending the emails early in the morning before you go to work. Check emails at lunch, then again right before 5pm.

Most title information is coming from a title plant at a central location. It is NOT the title agents that are searching for your title history.

The responses where good, however none addressed all your requests with simply giving title company names. Texting and emailing day or night at your choosing is a bit to demand. I have one that does work above and beyond what I consider the normal business hours, but I don’t demand it, it just happens. I would be reluctant to put it out there to a demanding client though.

I read your post a number of days back and didn’t respond because I felt like my response would be seen as abrasive which is not what I intended it to be. Of the references already listed by the other investors anyone of them could be a good fit with the right mind set.

If one title company works once then it would probably work twice. ;)