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Investors, managers, and BP junkies,

Looking to see if anyone can shed light on something I’ve been considering. Lets call it the long-term to short-term rental switch.

Current owner of a shotgun double in New Orleans, with long term tenants moving out soon. I owner occupy one side and am working on some BRRRR type of improvements.

However, I sometimes have to travel for work. Wondering if anyone knows who does a great job at managing short term rentals. I am interested in doing some of the management myself, but would also consider hiring out for this if the percent keep is good.

How does this work? Assuming that a Airbnb account would be opened for the property and shared access with owners / managers? Any experienced investors / owners / managers want to weigh in?

Things to look out for?

Smart / tricks, advice for best long-term rent experience moving to short-term rent game?

Thanks, and looking forward to starting some discussions! Also interested in meeting in person if anyone knows of any local investor meet-ups.


Hello Joshua,

My name is Noah Hoffman, I currently manage over 20 short term rentals going on my ninth year.  I can offer my experience and best practices across the board.

I am able to manage remotely, share management etc.

Noah Hoffman

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