Massachusetts New Investor

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Hi guys!

My names Joe. I’m a new investor in Massachusetts and I am looking to meet and network with fellow investors.

Could anybody recommend a good event to attend to do this?


Just a good place to start meeting other investors?


@Joe Wooding  Welcome to BP!  This is a great place to learn everything you need to know.  @Christian Carter has just taken over the Boston South REIA, which meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at the Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth Harbor at 6 PM.

A little more distant is the Black Diamond meeting.  Get in touch with @Ann Bellamy - she runs it.  That meets in Waltham and Worcester if I'm not mistaken.

If you are interested in Worcester, i can do a personal tour and see some open houses on a Sunday, or we can find another day

Thank you, @Charlie MacPherson .  Joe, Black Diamond is now in Burlington and Worcester, so is a hike from Plymouth.  Suggest you decide by topic which events are right for you.  Our networking is always excellent, we get between 60 - 140 people depending on location and topic.  We post on Meetup and on our website, and on Bigger Pockets Events.  Our next is in Worcester on August 16 and the topic is Negotiating Tax Abatements with the town.

Hey, welcome to the club! Theres a meet in Plymouth as charlie mentioned. Just a bunch of guys hanging out shooting the breeze. Mainly for networking, not deals falling from the sky, which apparently a lot of people want. I've been to one, been meaning to go back, just super busy life. Throwing you an friend invite, trying to make more friends in the RE world.