Connections in Buffalo, NY Area

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Check out our meet up every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Sako Brewpub on Pearl St. You can search for Buffalo Meet up and it will pop up. 

And nice to meet you! I am another Buffalo investor, preparing my third duplex for renting right now. Always open to a conversation and sharing resources. And it seems I'm always looking for a good plumber and handyman/contractor. Know any?

A blank check made out to me... jk. Nothing. Just yourself. I like to bring a notepad because I learn so much every time I go. There are people who haven't bought a single house to investors with 500 units.

@Matt Brooks I attended the meetup for the first time in June. It really was a mix of different investors. I highly recommend attending. There was something to learn from everyone. Eric does a good job of leading it. Hope to see you at the August meetup!

@Khaled Morad hey Khaled, I was just looking into following investors here in the buffalo area and I was interested in the meet up, it lead to me this thread and I read your comment looking for a plumber and I might be your guy. Currently have a journeymen's license in buffalo 

Hello All, New to BP and looking to expand my real estate knowledge. Especially in regard to BRRRR. Want to buy and hold in Western NY. Is there a date for the Buffalo meet up in November, I saw 1 from October at Thinman. Look forward to meeting some of you soon to share experience.

Is anyone familiar with the meet up at Eastern Hills Mall "Buffalo Real Estate Investment Monthly Meeting" at FlipOut Academy? 2ndThursday of each month? Is this worth the time? Thanks.