Oroville Ca potential buy and hold for myself

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What made you chose Oroville? I'm from Chico and have had two rental properties in Chico that I have fixed up and sold. Oroville isn't that nice but considering that so many people moved there after the camp fire last year the housing market really took off and prices became outrageous. 

Yes, Oroville is a good investment in my opinion.  Rents are typically a little lower than Chico but house prices are a lot lower than Chico so not a bad return on investment.  

Hey everyone thanks for commenting! The property that I am buying is about 4miles from the city and about 2 miles away from the lake and a mile from the casino so its in a decent location! Buying a property on an acre land with 2 separate houses and a workshop. Will be getting about 3000-3200 in rent for the entire property a month. Anything I should be worried about or should know about Oroville? I picked Oroville because I got a really good deal on the property and the owner just wanted to walk away.