A family member is in a retirement home and the city senta letter

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I got a letter from the city of Duncanville TX inquiring if my grand parents home is vacant or a rental property. My grandma recently got put in a retirement home They sent me a form I need to complete and return. Why does it matter if it is empty as long as it is maintained? Thoughts?

Your area will vary, but if it is a primary residence and the occupant is over 65 and makes a certain income level, the taxes could have huge exemptions on it now. If she is no longer there it does not qualify for those exemptions any longer.

Texas law requires school districts to offer a $25,000 exemption on residence homesteads. Counties have the option of also offering a separate residencehomestead exemption of up to 20% of a property's appraised value (but not less than $5,000). For more information, see Tex. Tax Code § 11.13(a) and (n).