Official Phoenix Market BP Investors Meetup

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Finally! Biggerpockets will have a HOME in the valley to get together on the regular! This is something I've been waiting on.

Address is: 950 W. Elliot Rd #101. Tempe, AZ 85284

My broker, who is an investor as well has finally upgraded her home office. Moved into a new location with space!

We(the BP Nation) have been granted full access. The brokerage just moved in last weekend and I went in today to scope it out and talk about logistics. I was already given complete and full permission to use the space specifically for BP meetups.


Now, we just need to figure out when our first inaugural meetup will be. From there, we can use our first one or two meetings to nail down future logistics of days, times, topics we as a group discuss etc....

Questions, comments or concerns?
lets figure out a day/time

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First BP meetup will be Saturday, Aug 4th at 10am at the address listed above.

Nick- I'll only be there last week of oct and all of nov this year. Rich

Originally posted by Rich Weese:
Nick- I'll only be there last week of oct and all of nov this year. Rich

totally fine. I just wanted to make sure you were aware. This way, whenever you do roll through town, you'll know we have a home

Originally posted by Marty Boardman:
I'm in. Just say when.

Damn, I knew I forgot someone important in my previous post!

I'm glad you're in! I know you'll be an inspiration to a lot of the local guys including myself who haven't had the chance to meet you yet.

Forgot to mention, @Phillip Dwyer , our local BP group will always welcome any member of the BP Nation. If you or anyone else is in town, the door will always be open.

My hopes is that we show the Texas boys how we do things. They're always kicking our butts at everything else

Originally posted by Gary Parker:
I would love to attend when I am in town. Heck I might be able to plan my visits around the meetup to be able to hang out with such knowledgeable people.

Of course! we still got to get a dinner down at next time you're here. I liked the pizza we got at Grimaldi's but men need a good steak ya know.

Oh ya I'm looking forward to Montis. I'll be planning a September visit but that will include the weekend of 9/22 to see Utah vs. Az State. Hopefully the September meet up schedule will be done by then and close to that date.

I'd really like to come- just pick a day.

Bumping this up in hopes others will see it.

I'd like to throw out the dates of Friday, July 20th OR Friday, Aug. 3rd, say.....6pm at the address in the OP?

Our first night, we can discuss future logistics including predetermined days/dates/times etc...

If the space permits I'd love to attend. Glad to see you putting this together, great job.

Originally posted by L Gale:
If the space permits I'd love to attend. Glad to see you putting this together, great job.

The space is only permitted to BP members so of course your attendance is welcome :)

I still need suggestions as to the date of the first meet up. I'm inclined to say Aug 3rd just to make sure its far enough to have as many people make sure they can attend.

Any objections?

Originally posted by Marty Boardman:
Nick, Friday nights aren't good for me. My daughter has girl scouts.

Ok. I'm really just worried about our first meetup. I believe those of us that make the first one and or two meetings will end up being some core members of the BP group and our biggest topic of discussion will be ongoing logistics including days/dates and times.

If any one is available on Saturday, Aug 4th am, say 10am(ish) I would completely open to that being our first meetup day/time

In, let me know when. I also do not like Friday night's.

We were in Phoenix July 5 to 8. The most important thing we learned is what to avoid. There is a stigma on properties south of I-10 and crime there is way up. We saw two exceptionally nice newer forclosed houses (4/2, fancy moldings, modern layout, etc.) very near nice new shopping and so forth in Leveen. Two property managers told us that it takes very long to rent them in that area, and the rents are quite low. We researched crime data, and see that it is an area to avoid.

It seems that Surprise is a good area.

We saw one house which a flipper is trying to sell for too much in an HOA which prohibits renting for the first two years of ownership, and charges a $200 per month penalty for violations!

I am no expert on the Phoenix market but I agree South of I-10 has a stigma except I have found once you get into Avondale and West that does not apply. And yes, Surprise is very nice. When I was looking a lot down there I found the El Mirage, which is very close to Surprise, has some not so nice areas.

Back on topic.

@Justin S. and @Marty Boardman , you guys wanna do that saturday august 4th late morning/early afternoon maybe?

@Nick J. That works for me. After 10 AM is fine with me.