New Investor in Las Vegas area. Looking to network any meetings?

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Hey Neisser, Welcome to Vegas!

There is not a lot of meet ups going on right now, and the few that are often feel more like a sales pitch for something (not all of them though, i hear @Alexander Felice 's meet is pretty cool for example) just be mindful of that. I was thinking about organising a small meet at our new project we just acquired in the next few weeks - do a little tour of the property, talk about our plans with it and share some numbers, and have a laid back conversation over a beer or two and talk shop with like-minded investors. 

If we find a few people that show interest for a investor-to-investor meet like that i would set something up once we close on the deal 🤙🏼

Alex and I have been meeting once a month for 2 years now.  The group has grown to be pretty big and we're still meeting consistently.  Our next meet is Sunday September 28 8am at Einstein's at the corner of Sahara and Decatur.  We typically have 18-24 people every meetup.

We're super casual and it's basically a bunch of friends getting together and talking real estate, the economy, our strategies, any help we need, etc.  It's probably the best regular meet up in Vegas right now for investors, especially for those who are newer in the game.

Updated over 2 years ago

Double Update: it is Sunday the 29th

Updated over 2 years ago

Update: Saturday the 28th, not Sunday. Event link in next post.

@Spencer Cornelia

What's the typical agenda for these meetings?

I really hope this is not a sales pitch! I went to a "Real Estate Investor" meetup last night that turned into an MLM scam pitch that I had to leave halfway through.

Our time is valuable (especially a Sunday morning that could be spent with family, etc). Frankly, I'm going to be angry if this turns into a sales pitch or any sort of "choice" to spend money for "education"

Please let me know now so I don't waste anyone's time.

Thank you!

@Michael Bonanno super casual meetup. We're basically friends getting together. Sales pitches aren't allowed. We don't have any agenda. We just sit around and talk real estate, the economy, anything relating to finance and real estate, etc

I think we're the only meetup in town without an agenda which is why it's getting so popular.