Any BP members in Cincinnati?

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Hello, I am a long time lurker of BP and the podcast but I am looking to get more involved going forward.  I was wondering if there is anyone that is in the same boat as I am or that would be interesting in getting together once a month to discuss real estate?

If you know of any events going on here locally, please let me know as well.  I looked on the BP events section but didn't see any future events listed near Cincinnati.


Hi there! I am in the same boat as you! I have been studying real estate for the past two years mainly on BP and anything I can get my hands on. There are TONS of investors in Cincinnati locally and out of state.

Joe Fairless has a Mastermind group once a month (last Tuesday of each month). You can search for it on eventbrite. I went to this past one and it was a really cool experience. 

There are 2 or 3 different REIA groups in the area with meetups that happen monthly, but I have not been to those.

If I can add value to your start in investing in anyway, please let me know!

Thank you so much Hillary! That definitely helps. I'm going to definitely try and make it to that next Mastermind group and I'll check out the REIA groups as well. If you'd like to keep in touch as we venture through this RE experience let me know. I'm sure we can offer each other some motivation and tips along the way.

I am a beginner and have 1 Single Family rental now. Looking to network and get more as i grow and learn more.

I plan on attending Tuesdays meeting as well (if i am back from South Carolina in time). 

Regardless, would either of you want to grab coffee and network next week sometime?


Hey! I'm in Cincinnati and Joe's group is hands down the best way to get involved here in Cincy. Awesome people go to that group and it's very informational, friendly, and engaging. Joe records his podcast at the meetup (about 30-45 min) and then you get plenty of time to network. Only 3 bucks to go. I'm a member of REIA too but Joe's is the best bang for your buck!

Here is the website to get info about each meetup and then once you attend - you get invited to the facebook group that is full of helpful stuff and a great network to be a part of as well. Hope to see you there!!


Hey all! I’m a newbie in Cincinnati too! I bought my first multi in Mt Washington. I’ve been to the Joe Fairless meet up and it’s so exciting to be in a room with that many people so excited about real estate investing. I met some great contacts there as well.

I’m very interested in talking with investors specifically in Mt Washington! If anyone happens to be from around my area let’s meet up! Good luck to everyone!

@Adriane Boggs I also just bought my first multi-family over in Mt.Washington! Maybe we can meet-up some night! I'm about a week or two away from getting ready to market the property for a tenant. Shoot me a DM and we can iron out details if you're interested!

@Chris Fischesser Another great meet-up in Cincinnati is the Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs Association, which is the second Tuesday of each month at the Outback Steak House off 5 Mile Rd. The next meeting is a week from today on October 8th at 6PM! It's a free event and would love to see you there! 

@Emily Scovil  I'm hoping to see you at the REIAGC Wholesaling Focus group tomorrow night!!! Also, I'll have to check out Joe's meet-up here in the next month or two. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Chris Fischesser I'm not local but I'm up there a few times a year as I am an out-of-state investor and need to check on properties.

I'm jealous of everyone on BP who lives in Cincinnati as I think it's easily one of the best markets to be in as the competition is low, profits are high, large population, good employment, numerous schools, etc.

@Chase Clemens - Thank you for the suggestion! That sounds right up my alley.

For those who are interested, I met with William (BJ) today and we are thinking about forming a small group of 5 or 6 people that meet once a month to discuss real estate and hold each other accountable.  Almost a mastermind group if you will for real estate.  Let me know if you are interested in being a part of the group.  We are both just getting into real estate and have a lot to learn but if you are in the same boat perhaps we can all help each other out through the journey.


I'd be interested as well. We have only one SFR here but are considering doing more. My wife Becky is a KW Realtor who might be willing to share local stats and trends from time to time.