Any investor in the Phoenix Arizona area

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Would love to network with a member of biggerpacket a little about me work in the health care industry in Phoenix Arizona would like to start a career in investing in real estate would care for some pointers in knowing the business thanks.

@W Stephens

Hey, W.

A great place to start is the Arizona Real Estate Investors Assn. AZREI has been around for

many years and is a good place to meet other investors, take classes at all levels and begin to build your own network.

You will find lots of folks that are at your stage, all sharing a passion for investing. Besides the main monthly meeting there are several sub group meetings you can attend on fix and flips, buy-and-holds, etc.

You can google AZREI and attend your first meeting for free, I believe. No better place to immerse yourself in your educational and networking options.

I just attended a creative financing workshop today and I always learn something new.

Hope to see you at a future meeting!

Thank Melanie yes i am connect with AZREI already got emails from from tread i will be more attentive to group meeting just the times wasn't fitting in my work schedule Hope to meet with you soon