Real estate investors in The Netherlands

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there were any fellow dutch people who are investors, want to be investors or are in any way in the field of real estate. Im really interested in meeting up with like minded people since I dont have anyone in my social circles who are as serious about investing as me.

Kind regards,

Johan Annema

Hi Johan, where are you from in the Netherlands? Check out the many meet up groups out there and have a look in the forums typing for the words that you are interested in. We have been discussing many times this topic with other dutchies here. 


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@Johan Annema. Hi Johan, there are several groups available for real estate investors in The Netherlands. But my posts with the names of these meetups and groups have been removed (perhaps it is not possible to 'advertise'), although I have no commercial interest in any of these meetups or groups. Just check the fora or search online. Best from Amsterdam