REI groups and meet ups in the Atlanta area. Recommendations??

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Hi all.. looking to attend some REI groups or meetup events here in the Atlanta area. Can anyone recommend some you have attended? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! is a great resource for finding local RE meetup events! I'm a regular at the Atlanta REIA / South Atlanta REIA meetups which are two of the more popular and informative ones.

thanks.. I will start attending events next week. Are the meetups more to mingle with others and make connections or is there speakings and education involved as well?

I know Club 500 is hosting their very first meeting in the next day or two... let me see if I can tag the founder, Peter Skobic.

Eric, welcome to Bigger Pockets. 

Check out the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association. GAREIA dot com. 

They have many monthly educational meetings for different types of real estate investing, including new investors, landlords, short term rentals, etc.

Good luck on your real estate journey.