Real Estate Partnership

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New to the world of Real Estate. However, I am looking to connect and grow with other wholesalers/investors to heighten my knowledge, as well as form lucrative relationships. Currently in the Columbus, Georgia area; however, interested in establishing relationships and completing deals in other areas. I look forward to communicating and network with other investors.

Hi and Welcome. Im a Real Estate agent in the Atlanta area and also a new investor. I can tell you that your in the right place and will learn alot from the wonderful folks on this site. Im networking with others as well so lets talk sometime.

I am new and just getting started...looking to create another stream of income in rental properties and build wealth!

I have my Real Estate License 

I work full time for a property management company as a compliance specialist (from home) and I own my own fitness business which is operated on a part time schedule 

I am looking to invest in single and multi-family units and take the income generated from those units to invest into larger buildings/properties 

How many deals have you completed thus far? How long have you been investing 

@Antwoinne Campbell 

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. Look into joining a local real estate investors association for networking and education. 

Good luck on your real estate journey.