Lynchburg area and new to RE investing. Looking for insight

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We recently moved to the Lynchburg area. Hubby is retired and handy and we are ready to dive into RE investing (multi family homes, storage units, SFH,air BNB?) looking for a person or group to connect with with experience in this market. We are open to suggestions and advice!

There is a REIA meeting that meets once per month, I think the second Thursday, at Stony Badger. I have met a lot of great people there, including Maxwell Fontaine who you can find here on Bigger Pockets. I am always interested and eager to meet people in Lynchburg, so please feel free to contact me as well. Welcome!

Hi @Sandra Lee patrick , give me a call I would love to help out and try to see where you guys are really looking. Lynchburg is full of pockets and seeing a ton of growth. I hope you both really dive right in. We have goal setting meetings every friday morning at Market at Main downtown starting at 7am.

Hope to see you in the investing world very soon!

I would see if any Meetup groups or facebooks group in Lynchburg. Also if going to get involved a lot in real estate look at getting your own license. 

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@Maxwell Fontaine thank you. Are these meetings open to the public?

Yes ma'am I will reach out to you and get some contact info so we can put you in out email updates list. We meet at least 1 time a week and a bigger meeting 1 time a month. The meetings are free for 1st time visitors and after that we have a door cost at $10 a month to pay for the room we use and the speakers meals. We typically get city officials and trade specialists to come speak, so people you will need to talk to along the way with investing in Lynchburg.