I need a good staging company

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Hi there,

I do fix and flips and I’m looking for a cheap and good staging company to stage my properties. Whatever I find on google are around 3k but I’m sure it should be a lot less. Do you have a company to suggest?

Home staging can vary in price depending on a dozen different variables. How much staging do you want done? What's the price of the home? Where is it located? What quality furniture does it need? Which rooms are you staging? How much business do you send the stager? How much inventory does your stager have available? Is your staging company renting their furniture? How long do your homes sit on the market? 

In my opinion, it can be difficult to compare apples-to-apples when it comes to staging. My only suggestion is to do your homework, find a stager you like and trust, then stay with them if your homes look good and sell fast.