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Hello everyone!

I am new to this, and the extent of my experience is minimal. I have done a ton of research in the last month or so, but I am now moving forward in search of a property to fix and flip. I know the key to making money will be finding a great deal and also finding a contractor that is familiar with working with investors and providing service that is below market price. I’m located in Lynchburg, Virginia and was wondering if anyone here knows of one or some trustworthy general contractors that work with investors. I am not interested in finding sub contractors as this is my first flip and I am unfamiliar with the rehabbing process and order of work needed. I would also appreciate hearing your technique of finding the contractors that you work with! Going to Home Depot early in the morning to scout out people purchasing material is difficult for me as I have two very small children at home. Thank you for your help.

@Carissa Meek When I interview General Contractors, I ask the following questions.

1. How many homes have you rehabbed and/ or renovated? What was the magnitude, of your projects?

2. How many projects is your company currently undertaking?

3. Do you work with Investors that need to adhere to strict timelines and scope of work?

4. Do you have multiple Sub Contractors, for similar trade skills, such as plumbers, electricians, flooring crews, painters, etc.?

5. Would you be willing to provide a copy of your GC License, your Certificate of General Liability Insurance, and your Certificate of Workman's Compensation Insurance?

6. Are you bonded?


To be “bonded” means the Contractor must purchase a Surety Bond, which serves as a form of Insurance to protect the Contractor’s Customers if he or she fails to complete the job properly or fails to pay for permits, subcontractors, or other financial obligations.

7. Are all of your Sub Contractors Licensed and have Workman's Compensation Insurance? Would your Sub Contractors be willing to provide such information, or would you be willing to sign a waiver stating "All your Sub Contractors have Workman's Compensation Insurance?"

8. Do your Sub Contractors have the ability to verbally communicate, with English Language Only Speakers?

9. Do you pull all necessary permits?

10. Do you provide a written warranty, for all labor? If so, what is the length, of the warranty? (a minimum of 1 year)

11. Do you provide all applicable warranties, for materials?

12. Who is in charge of the job site, to ensure timelines are met and the Scope of Work is properly completed?

13. How do you handle dirty work such as debris disposal and clean up?

14. Would you be willing to receive four draw payments that would correspond to four phases of the rehab project?

15. Would you provide references, from past clients?

Hi @Carissa Meek , I'm not a GC, but my dad is and he's sitting right next to me now. His advice is that if you find someone below market price it's because work's slow..if work pick's up again while they are working on your project, you run the risk of getting delayed. Ethical contractors will keep yours on the front burner, but he says there are some real jerks out there that will abandon you when a sweeter deal comes along.

I guess it's probably the same problem if you pay market price or even above market and there's an uptick in work..the key would be finding someone ethical. Maybe accept that you'll pay market price at first and leverage the relationship down the road to get a discount based on some mutually advantageous trade (steer other good opportunities to the GC?)..I don't really know. I'm a complete rookie in this as well, but working just the other side of the mountain as you.

Good luck!

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