Looking for Minnesota and North Dakota multi-unit investors

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I am a multi family and mobile home park investor from Wisconsin, I currently own a few income properties in south eastern North Dakota. We are looking for 2 different types of assets, smaller mobile home parks on city utilities and 24 unit and bigger apartment buildings. Our first metric would a cap rate of 9%.We prefer value add opportunities.

I hope we can connect and further the discussion. 


Hi Everyone. I'm a southern MN investor looking to get into MF this year. I'd love a specific forum/group to discuss ideas and network. We own a duplex and several SFs. I'd love to get into an 8 - 20 unit this year.

Nicholas - What is the smallest unit number that you work with? 4 units+? 

I'm not your guy yet, but I am certainly very interested in the F-M area and will be keeping an eye on this forum. Thank you for starting it!